Paul and the Heritage of Israel: Paul's Claim upon Israel's Legacy in Luke and Acts in the Light of the Pauline Letters
Paul and the Heritage of Israel: Paul's Claim upon Israel's Legacy in Luke and Acts in the Light of the Pauline Letters

Paul and the Heritage of Israel: Paul's Claim upon Israel's Legacy in Luke and Acts in the Light of the Pauline Letters

in The Library of New Testament Studies

by Philipp Vielhauer, Odile Flichy, Richard B. Hays, Michael Wolter, Daniel Marguerat, Christopher Mount, David P. Moessner, Simon Butticaz, Richard I. Pervo, Timothy A. Brookins, Mikeal C. Parsons, Peter Reynolds, Jens Schröter, Gregory E. Sterling, Andreas Dettwiler, Claire Clivaz, Yann Redalie, and Jean-Francois Landolt

Pages 400
Publisher T&T Clark
Published 2012
ISBN-13 9780567401489
As a sequel to the hugely successful Jesus and the Heritage of Israel, this book brings together fourteen internationally acclaimed scholars in antiquities studies and experts on Paul and Luke. The contributors provoke new approaches to the troubled relation of the Lukan Paul by re-configuring the figure and impact of Paul upon nascent Christianity, with the two leading questions as a driving force. First, 'Who is "Israel" and the "church" for Luke and Luke's Paul' and secondly 'Who is Jesus of Nazareth and who is Paul in relation to both?'

The contributors provide challenging new perspectives on approaches to the figure of Paul in recent scholarship as well as in the scholarship of previous generations, 're-figuring' Paul by examining both how he is portrayed in Acts, and how the Pauline figure of Acts may be envisioned within Paul's own writings. Paul and the Heritage of Israel thus accomplishes what no other single volume has done: combining both the 'Paul of Paul' and the 'Paul of Luke' in one seminal volume.

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  • Acknowledgements
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  • Contributors
  • Introduction: The Legacy of Paul in Acts - A 'More Complete and Inhabitable' New Testament? - The Editors
  • Part I: Re-figuring Paul
    • 1. On the 'Paulinism' of Acts - Philipp Vielhauer
    • 2. The Paul of Luke. A Survey of Research - Odile Flichy
    • 3. The Paulinism of Acts, Intertextually Reconsidered - Richard B. Hays
    • 4. The Development of Pauline Christianity from a 'Religion of Conversion' to a 'Religion of Tradition' - Michael Wolter
    • 5. Paul after Paul: a (Hi)story of Reception - Daniel Marguerat
    • 6. Paul's Place in Early Christianity - Christopher Mount
  • Part II: The Figure and Legacy of Paul in the Book of Acts
    • 7. Luke's 'Witness of Witnesses': Paul as Definer and Defender of the Tradition of the Apostles - 'from the beginning' - David P. Moessner
    • 8. 'Has God Rejected His People?' (Romans 11.1). The Salvation of Israel in Acts: Narrative Claim of a Pauline Legacy - Simon Butticaz
    • 9. (Not) 'Appealing to the Emperor': Acts (and the Acts of Paul) - Richard I. Pervo
    • 10. 'In Paul's Defence': The Contribution of Cramer's Catena to the Early Reception of Paul in Acts - Timothy Brookins, Mikeal Parsons and Peter Reynolds
  • Part III: The Pauline Figure of Acts within the Pauline Legacy
    • 11. Paul the Founder of the Church: Reflections on the Reception of Paul in the Acts of the Apostles and the Pastoral Epistles - Jens Schroter
    • 12. From the 'Least of All the Saints' to the 'Apostle of Jesus Christ': The Transformation of Paul in the First Century - Gregory E. Sterling
    • 13. Auctoritas Pauli according to the Deutero-Pauline Literature and the Acts of the Apostles - Andreas Dettwiler
    • 14. Rumour: A Category for Articulating the Self-Portraits and Reception of Paul. 'For they say, "His letters are weighty...but his speech is contemptible"' (2 Corinthians 10.10) - Claire Clivaz
    • 15. 'Working with one's hands': One Model, Many Applications (Acts 20.33; 1 Timothy 5.17; 2 Thessalonians 3.7-10_ - Yann Redalie
    • 16. 'Be Imitators of me, brothers and sisters' (Philippians 3.17): Paul as an Exemplary Figure in the Pauline Corpus and the Acts of the Apostles - Jean-Francois Landolt
  • Conclusion: 'Mediator, Miracle-Worker, Doctor of the Church? The Continuing Mystery of Paul in the New Testament and in Early Christianity' - The Editors
  • Bibliography
  • Index of Ancient Authors
  • Index of Modern Authors

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