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in Two Horizons Old Testament Commentary

by Bo H. Lim and Daniel Castelo

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Pages 272
Publisher Eerdmans
Published 2015
ISBN-13 9780802827005
The first expressly theological commentary on the difficult biblical book of Hosea In this commentary Bo Lim, an Old Testament scholar, and Daniel Castelo, a theologian, come together to help the church recover and read the prophetic book of Hosea in a way that is both faithful to its message and relevant to our contemporary context. Though Hosea is rich with imagery and metaphor that can be difficult to interpret, Lim and Castelo show that with its focus on corporate and structural sin it contains an important message for today's church. Critically engaging the ancient biblical text, Lim provides a running commentary on Hosea, which is interspersed throughout with illuminating theological essays by Castelo. The only way to answer satisfactorily the difficult questions posed by the book of Hosea, Lim and Castelo say, is through a theological interpretation of the book. Their interdisciplinary work offers a constructive model for how the church might faithfully read and proclaim the message of Hosea today.


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armchairtheologian armchairtheologian July 17, 2019
The commentary proper, written by Bo H. Lim, is fairly good, given the space limitations of the series, but the theological essays by Daniel Castelo are disappointing. They use many words to say little, and build up complex questions and problems only to offer pat answers (or no answers at all). Three out of the four essays could be deleted from the book without any real loss. This is especially unfortunate because the theological essays are usually the distinguishing feature of the Two Horizons Commentary series. 3.5 stars.