The Jewish World around the New Testament
The Jewish World around the New Testament

The Jewish World around the New Testament

by Richard J. Bauckham

Pages 560
Publisher Baker Academic
Published 2010
ISBN-13 9780801039034
Renowned biblical scholar Richard Bauckham believes that the New Testament texts cannot be adequately understood without careful attention to their Judaic and Second Temple roots. This book contains twenty-four studies that shed essential light on the religious and biblical-interpretive matrix in which early Christianity emerged. Bauckham discusses the "parting of the ways" between early Judaism and early Christianity and the relevance of early Jewish literature for the study of the New Testament. He also explores specific aspects or texts of early Christianity by relating them to their early Jewish context. Originally published by Mohr Siebeck in the Wissenschaftliche Untersuchungen zum Neuen Testament series, this book is now available as an affordable North American paperback edition. It is a corecipient of the Franz-Delitzsch Award for 2010, offered by the Institute for Israel Studies in Giessen, Germany.

  • Contents
  • 1. Introduction
  • 2. The Martyrdom of Enoch and Elijah: Jewish or Christian?
  • 3. Enoch and Elijah in the Coptic Apocalypse of Elijah
  • 4. The Rise of Apocalyptic
  • 5. The Delay of the Parousia
  • 6. A Note on a Problem in the Greek Version of 1 Enoch 1.9
  • 7. The Son of Man: 'A Man in my Position' or 'Someone'?
  • 8. The Apocalypses in the New Pseudepigrapha
  • 9. Pseudo-Apostolic Letters
  • 10. Kainam the Son of Arpachshad in Luke's Genealogy
  • 11. The List of the Tribes of Israel in Revelation 7
  • 12. The Parting of the Ways: What Happened and Why
  • 13. The Messianic Interpretation of Isaiah 10:34
  • 14. The Relevance of Extra-Canonical Jewish Texts to New Testament Study
  • 15. Josephus' Account of the Temple in Contra Apionem 2.102-109
  • 16. Life, Death, and the Afterlife in Second Temple Judaism
  • 17. What if Paul Had Travelled East rather than West?
  • 18. Covenant, Law, and Salvation in the Jewish Apocalypses
  • 19. The Restoration of Israel in Luke-Acts
  • 20. Paul and Other Jews with Latin Names in the New Testament
  • 21. The Horarium of Adam and the Chronology of the Passion
  • 22. The Spirit of God in Us Loathes Envy (James 4:5)
  • 23. Tobit as a Parable for the Exiles of Northern Israel
  • 24. The Continuing Quest for the Provenance of Old Testament Pseudepigrapha
  • Indexes


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