Unity: Awakening the One New Man
Unity: Awakening the One New Man

Unity: Awakening the One New Man

by Robert F. Wolff, Jack W. Hayford, Raleigh B. Washington, Mitch Glaser, Ray Gannon, Daniel C. Juster, Michael L. Brown, Sandra Teplinsky, Jane Hansen Hoyt, Peter Tsukahira, Jonathan Bernis, Craig S. Keener, and Bill McCartney

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Pages 252
Publisher Drawbaugh Publishing Group
Published 2014
ISBN-13 9781941746028
Unity - Awakening the One New Man reveals: Since the beginning, our Lord planned to single out the Nation of Israel. Then, after Messiah comes, to reunify Israel and the other Nations. The appointed time has arrived. This is the hour for Unity. Unity - Awakening the One New Man confirms: Yeshua's sacrifice as the Passover Lamb satisfies all of God's requirements for redemption and restoration to reunify the Kingdom of God. Yeshua has become our peace. This is God's plan for Unity. Unity - Awakening the One New Man explores: God's sovereign alliance between Jews and Gentiles will reunify believers. These 12 noteworthy authors, Messianic Jews and Christians, show us that understanding this vital connection fulfills the call to Unity. Grasp our True Identity in Unity - Awakening the One New Man: • One New Man is the Identity Given to Us by God • Recognize the Lord's Calling on My Life • Understand God's Plan to Build His Kingdom • Allow the Spirit to Refocus My Identity • One New Man is the Harbinger to Messiah's Bride

  • Table of Contents
  • Introduction. The identity of the one new man / Robert F. Wolff
  • 1. Allowing the Spirit to refocus our identity / Jack W. Hayford
  • 2. The one new man in John 17 / Raleigh B. Washington
  • 3. Discovering the purpose of our identity as one new man / Mitch Glaser
  • 4. The Hebrew Bible's foundation for the one new man / Ray Gannon
  • 5. Dinominations, Messianic Jews, and the one new man / Daniel C. Juster
  • 6. Celebrating our distinctives and honoring the body: two divine keys to spiritual unity / Michael L. Brown
  • 7. Ruth and Naomi: a model of reconciliation and redemption / Sandra Teplinsky
  • 8. The master plan for the one new man / Jane Hansen Hoyt
  • 9. Israel and the tsunami of world revival / Peter Tsukahira
  • 10. Where are all the Jews? / Jonathan Bernis
  • 11. The blessings and mission of those grafted in / Craig Keener
  • 12. Finding the one heartbeat / Bill McCartney

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