Levitical Purification in the New Testament Gospels in "'What Does the Scripture Say?' Studies in the Function of Scripture in Early Judaism and Christianity Volume 1: The Synoptic Gospels "

Jamal-Dominique Hopkins

Levitical Purification in the New Testament Gospels
Levitical Purification in the New Testament Gospels

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These essays explore new methods and overlooked traditions that appear to shed light on how the founders of the Christian movement understood the older sacred tradition and sought new and creative ways to let it speak to their own times.

Gurtner discusses the Matthean version of the temptation narrative. Chandler investigates the exhortation to 'love your neighbour as yourself' from Lev. 19.18b. Talbot re-examines Jesus' offer of rest in Mt. 11.28-30. Myers explores the ways Matthew's appeal to Isa. 42.1-4 in Mt. 12.17-21 affects the characterization of Jesus in his Gospel. Hamilton explores 1 Enoch 6-11 as a retelling of Genesis 3-6. Herzer seeks to explain varuiys aspects of Mt. 27.51b-53. McWhirter explores the citation of Exod 23.20, Mal. 3.1, and Isa. 40.3 in Mk 1.2-3. Hopkins investigates the manner in which Jesus engages questions and persons regarding purity and impurity. Miller notes that victory songs are a generally acknowledges category of Hebrew poetry. Gregerman argues that studies of early Christian proselytism to Gentiles are largely focussed on missionary methods of converts.

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  • List of Contributors
  • Craig A. Evans and H. Daniel Zacharias Introduction
  • 1: Daniel M. Gurtner "‘Fasting' and ‘Forty Nights': The Matthean Temptation Narrative (4.1-11) and Moses Typology"\Chapter
  • 2: Christopher N. Chandler "‘Love your neighbor as yourself' (Lev. 19.18b) in Early Jewish-Christian Exegetical Practice and Missional Formulation"
  • 3: Elizabeth Talbot "Rest, Eschatology, and Sabbath in Matthew 11.28-30"
  • 4: Alicia Myers "Jesus as Ideal King: Isaiah 42 and the Characterization of Jesus in Matthew 12.17-21"
  • 5: Catherine Sider Hamilton "Blood and Secrets: The Re-telling of Genesis 1-6 in 1 Enoch 6-11 and its Echoes in Susanna and the Gospel of Matthew"
  • 6: Jens Herzer "The Riddle of the Holy Ones in Matthew 27.51b-53: A New Proposal for a crux interpretum"
  • 7: Jocelyn McWhirter "Messianic Exegesis in Mark 1.2-3"
  • 8: Jamal-Dominique Hopkins "Levitical Purification in the New Testament Gospels"
  • 9: Amanda Miller "A Different Kind of Victory: 4Q427 7 I-II and the Magnificat as Later Developments of the Hebrew Victory Song"
  • 10: Adam Gregerman "Biblical Prophecy and the Fate of the Nations in Early Jewish and Christian Interpretations of Isaiah"
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Pages: 288
Publisher: T&T Clark
Published: 2013
ISBN-10: 0567200817
ISBN-13: 9780567200815


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