Mark, Manuscripts, and Monotheism Essays in Honor of Larry W. Hurtado
Mark, Manuscripts, and Monotheism Essays in Honor of Larry W. Hurtado

Mark, Manuscripts, and Monotheism Essays in Honor of Larry W. Hurtado

in The Library of New Testament Studies

by Holly J. Carey, Chris Keith, Paul L. Owen, Sean A. Adams, Thomas J. Kraus, Michael J. Kruger, Dieter T. Roth, Tommy Wasserman, David L. Allen, Richard J. Bauckham, Mary Ann Beavis, and Paul Middleton

Pages 272
Publisher T&T Clark
Published 2014
ISBN-13 9780567655943
Mark, Manuscripts, and Monotheism is organized into three parts: Mark’s Gospel, Manuscripts and Textual Criticism, and Monotheism and Early Jesus-Devotion. With contributors hailing from several different countries, and including both senior and junior scholars, this volume contains essays penned in honor of Larry W. Hurtado by engaging and focusing upon these three major emphases in his scholarship. The result is not only a fitting tribute to one of the most influential New Testament scholars of present times, but also a welcome survey of current scholarship.

  • Table of Contents
  • Introduction
  • Contributors
    • Chapter One: “Is It as Bad as All That?”: The Misconception of Mark as a Gospel Film Noir Holly J. Carey, Point University, USA
    • Chapter Two: Early Christian Book Culture and the Emergence of the First Written Gospel Chris Keith, St Mary’s University, UK
    • Chapter Three: Jesus as God’s Chief Agent in Mark’s Christology Paul Owen, Montreat College, USA

    • Chapter Four: Mark, Manuscripts, and Paragraphs: Sense-Unit Divisions in Mark 14–16 Sean A. Adams, University of Edinburgh, UK
    • Chapter Five: From “Text-Critical Methodology” to “Manuscripts as Artefacts”: A Tribute to Larry W. Hurtado Thomas J. Kraus, Independent Scholar
    • Chapter Six: Origen’s List of New Testament Books in Hom. Jos. 7.1: A Fresh Look Michael J. Kruger, Reformed Theological Seminary, USA
    • Chapter Seven: î45 as Early Christian Artifact: Considering Staurogram and Punctuation in the Manuscript Dieter T. Roth, Johannes Gutenberg—Universität Mainz, Germany
    • Chapter Eight: î45 and Codex W in Mark Revisited Tommy Wasserman, Örebro School of Theology, Sweden

    • Chapter Nine: Who, What, and Why?: The Worship of the Firstborn in Hebrews 1:6 David M. Allen, The Queen’s Foundation for Ecumenical Theological Education, UK
    • Chapter Ten: Devotion to Jesus Christ in Earliest Christianity—An Appraisal and Discussion of the Work of Larry Hurtado Richard J. Bauckham, University of St Andrews, UK and University of Cambridge, UK
    • Chapter Eleven: Hebrews and Wisdom Mary Ann Beavis, University of Saskatchewan, Canada
    • Chapter Twelve, Christology, Martyrdom, and Vindication in the Gospel of Mark and the Apocalypse: Two New Testament Views Paul Middleton, University of Chester, UK

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