The Book of Psalms: Volume 2

A. J. Rosenberg

The Book of Psalms: Volume 2
The Book of Psalms: Volume 2

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Series: Judaica Press
Categories: Psalms

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According to our sages, The Book of Psalms was authored by King David from the works of ten elders. This volume contains psalms of various content, such as the futility of ill-gotten riches, the Day of Judgement, David's prayer for forgiveness for the sin of Bath-sheba, his prayers to be saved from Doeg, from Saul, and from Ahithophel. This volume is, indeed, a supplement to the Book of Samuel.

This invaluable aid to learning Tanach is used by students around the world! It provides the benefit of owning two sets in one, since each volume features both the complete Hebrew Mikraoth Gedoloth as well as a concise, modern English translation of the text with extensive commentary.

In addition, each and every Rashi is translated, as are selections from the Ramban, Sforno, Rashbam, Ibn Ezra, from Talmudic and Midrashic sources, and numerous other commentaries never before translated. Rabbi Moshe Feinstein, zt"l, gave his unstinting approbation to this now classic series.

Pages: 432
Publisher: Judaica Press
Published: 1991
ISBN-10: 0910818851
ISBN-13: 9780910818858


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