We Win!: Literal Commentary and Study Guide on the Book of Revelation

Barry F. Brinson

We Win!: Literal Commentary and Study Guide on the Book of Revelation
We Win!: Literal Commentary and Study Guide on the Book of Revelation

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Categories: Revelation

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'Your manuscript is not only interesting and well written, the questions for review and discussion make it an excellent study guide for individuals, small groups, or even a Bible College class'. -Dr. David New Bible College Professor The Word of God is holy, inspired, infallible, and inerrant. God desires that His word concerning the end times will be understood. In We Win, Reverend Barry Brinson shares a down-to-earth, literal interpretation of the book of Revelation that includes commentary on God's plan to bring an end to a world of sin and evil and how He intends to recreate a new heaven and new earth where righteousness dwells. Reverend Brinson is a devout Christian who loves to discover the truth of God's Word. While sharing a thoughtful, yet simple interpretation of the book of Revelation, Brinson helps spiritual seekers understand God's Word as the simple truth, clarifying the message behind this important Scripture. Brinson carefully examines the four visions of Revelation which; evaluate the church relative to its worthiness in the Kingdom of God, describe the events that take place before God creates a new heaven and new earth, show the rise and fall of Babylon, and reveal the glorious future to be realized in the new heaven and new earth. We Win seeks to help anyone interested in better understanding the book of Revelation and its significant message that God does indeed have a grand and glorious plan for the future where, in the end, we win!

Pages: 280
Published: 2012
ISBN-10: 1462716806
ISBN-13: 9781462716807


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5 out of 5 based on 1 user ratings
Bob Brinson October 30, 2012 5 5
Barry's commentary on Revelation is the first time I have ever REALLY understood the book. His writing is clear and concise but the thing I like best about it is that he doesn't try to INTERPRET the Scripture. He uses only Scripture to confirm Scripture. That gives me a lot of confidence in the text because I know it's not biased. The study guide leans heavily on Scriptural references as well to draw the student to places in Scripture that point to the subject matter. This work has obviously taken a tremendous effort to research and compile. Thanks to Barry for bringing light to this important and mysterious book.

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