Deuteronomy: Loving Obedience to a Loving God
Deuteronomy: Loving Obedience to a Loving God

Deuteronomy: Loving Obedience to a Loving God

in Preaching the Word

by Ajith Fernando

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Pages 752
Publisher Crossway
Published 2012
ISBN-13 9781433531002

This new volume in the freshly redesigned Preaching the Word series makes the message of Deuteronomy accessible and applicable to Christians today. According to Ajith Fernando, this often-neglected book of the Old Testament holds powerful relevance for Christians grappling with the issue of obeying God in a world that promotes alternative ways of life. Deuteronomy centers around God’s love for Israel and the love he asks for in return; it is the love of God then that is presented as a primary motivation for obedience.

Fernando’s insightful exposition is rich with anecdotes from his thirty-five years of ministry to first-generation Christians in Sri Lanka. Written by a pastor for pastors and their people, this book offers concrete and helpful examples of how the truths contained in Deuteronomy can be applied today. While our culture and the world of the Bible might seem vastly different, even the detailed laws of the Old Testament hold relevance as they continue to reflect the mind and heart of God.


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ThomasCreedy ThomasCreedy March 2, 2023
Underwhelmed by this - nicely produced and some good writing, but also bloated (700 pages!) and quite a lot of assertion without reason. Not quite sure who it’s for or whether I’ll keep it or give it to someone else. Interested in alternate opinions too.