The Plan of God in Luke-Acts
The Plan of God in Luke-Acts

The Plan of God in Luke-Acts

in Society for New Testament Studies Monograph Series

by John T. Squires

Pages 244
Publisher Cambridge University Press
Published 2004
ISBN-13 9780521616126
This study examines one significant theological theme in Luke-Acts, that of 'The plan of God'. It traces the way this theme is developed throughout Luke-Acts, both through direct statements by the writer and through various associated means such as divine appearances, signs and wonders, the fulfilment of prophecy, and indications of fate as of necessity. Dr Squires locates Luke's use of this theme in the context of the history-writing of the Hellenistic period, noting numerous passages in those works which illumine Luke's theological purposes. His book shows how the notion of the plan of God is used by Luke as he writes to confirm his readers' faith, encouraging them to bear witness to this faith, and equipping them for the task of defending it.


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