The Gospel According to Mark

James R. Edwards

The Gospel According to Mark
The Gospel According to Mark

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Series: Pillar New Testament Commentary
Categories: Mark
Tags: Pastoral

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4.72222222222222 out of 5 based on 9 user ratings
Stephen Hess March 2, 2010 5 5
This is an excellent commentary on Mark, especially for pastors and laypeople. Edwards has spent much of his career studying Mark and this commentary represents the fruit of that labor. The idea of the "Markan Sandwich" originated with Edwards and the Sandwich is just one among many insights that he contributes in this volume. Yet he avoids going into too many technical details and instead focuses on the message and theology of Mark. This is a solid evangelical commentary that every pastor should have on his shelf.
Mark Heath January 27, 2010 4.5 5
An excellent commentary that focuses on the historical setting, the literary devices and the theological purposes of Mark. Includes several useful excursuses on key themes in Mark. [Full Review]
Jim Rosscup September 20, 2008 4.5 5
Brian LeStourgeon July 31, 2008 4 5
Edwards approaches Mark as Mark and does not get bogged down in synoptic arguments. He pays particular attention to contextual meaning via “sandwiches” as literary conventions with theological purposes.
I look forward to every new commentary in this series whose general editor is D.A. Carson. Edwards' commentary on Mark is another fine contribution. His emphasis on the theology of Mark is especially helpful. [Full Review]
The Gospel According to Mark is the seventh volume published in the Pillar New Testament Commentary series edited by D. A. Carson. The series is aimed primarily at pastors and teachers of the Bible and thus has the goal of elucidating, in the most straightforward manner, the biblical text in its canonical form. Contributors “blend … rigorous exegesis and exposition, with an eye alert both to biblical theology and the contemporary relevance of the Bible, without confusing the commentary and the sermon” (x). In keeping with the underlying assumption of this approach, which is that “the vision of ‘objective scholarship’ (a vain chimera) may actually be profane” (x), the author does an admirable job of avoiding forced readings of the text even while remaining sensitive to theological commitments. James Edwards, Professor of Religion at Whitworth College, describes the commentary as “a work dear to [his] heart,” and his deep-seated love for Mark is clearly evident throughout the book. [Full Review]
James Edwards’s commentary reflects a lifetime of scholarship on the Gospel of Mark,including twenty years of teaching experience, most recently at Whitworth College. Asthe newest addition to the Pillar New Testament Commentary series, this volume remainsfaithful to the aims expressed by general editor D. A. Carson, addressing a readership ofpastors and Bible teachers by means of overtly theological and applicable exegesis (x).As a self-described “scholar of the church,” Edwards intends to interpret Mark’s Gospelso that “readers may be enabled to see Jesus as God’s son and to follow him as disciples”(xiv).Following the format of the Pillar series, Edwards cites the New International Version,though his exegesis works very closely with the Greek text and does not shy away fromchallenging the NIV translation. In addition to the standard verse-by-verse analysis,Edwards includes the following excursuses: “The Secrecy Motif and Jesus’ MessianicSelf-Consciousness” (63–65), “Son of Man” (79–81), “Divine Man” (105–9), “Christ”(249–52), “How Should the Transfiguration Be Understood?” (269–71), “Women in theGospel of Mark” (417–18), “Pontius Pilate” (454–56), and “The Son of God” (481–83).An appendix on “The Secret Gospel of Mark” (509–12) concludes his sixteen exegeticalchapters. [Full Review]

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