Baker Publishing Absolutely Rules!

Jul 9 2008

Longman's Old Testament Commentary Survey

I just got word from Baker Publishing that I can use Longman and Carson's top rated commentaries in the site. This is huge news, since Carson and Longman's books (along with Glynn's) are the gold standard for commentary surveys. Thanks to Baker for being willing to extend permissions.

Longman's Old Testament Commentary Survey has a very similar style to Longman offers a short review and summary of each work as well as a 5-star rating. The combination of rating and review makes his work the most reader friendly of any of the commentary surveys.

Carson's New Testament Commentary Survey Even though Carson's New Testament Commentary Survey is published as a pair to Longman's OT work, the two books are very different. Instead of individual reviews of each book as Longman does, Carson offers a running commentary of all the books together. He does not shy away from laying into works he doesn't think are good. This is probably one of the more entertaining bibliographies ever written.

Thanks again to Baker for letting me include their "Best of" lists.


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